Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark During Winter

As Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen effortlessly merges the historical charm of its age-old structures with the warmth of its festively lit streets. Winter, especially around Christmas, transforms this vibrant city into a winter wonderland that’s simply irresistible.

If you’re pondering what things to do in this picturesque city during the cold season, you’ve landed on the right page. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your winter visit to Copenhagen.

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Tivoli Gardens: A Winter Fairy-tale Come Alive

It’s impossible to talk about things to do in Copenhagen without mentioning the famed Tivoli Gardens. Especially during winter, this amusement park becomes an enchanting space adorned with thousands of lights. The Christmas markets here are a shopper’s delight with an array of unique crafts and delicacies to choose from.

Skip the line and book your admission to the park with unlimited ride pass* online!

Nyhavn: A Postcard-Perfect Scene

Few sights in Copenhagen are as iconic as the colorful buildings of Nyhavn. While it’s a sought-after destination all year round, winter lends a unique charm to this harbor. Picture this: the reflection of snow-capped houses in the calm water, as Christmas lights twinkle all around.

I recommend going on a guided canal tour* that starts from Nyhavn. Here, you can learn the history of Copenhagen while enjoying a beautiful view.

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Bike tour in winterly Copenhagen

Or perhaps you would like to explore the city by bike? In this case, I reccommend a guided Christmas Bike Tour*. Ride your bike in a romantic atmosphere while learning about the city’s history, culture and traditions!

But don’t forget to bring gloves to protect your hands from cold winds!

Explore Danish Hygge at Cosy Cafés

Hygge, the quintessential Danish concept of comfort and coziness, is something you must experience in Copenhagen. As winter envelopes the city, it’s the perfect time to visit a local café. Revel in the warmth, sip on a hot chocolate or coffee, and simply soak in the Danish way of life.

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CopenHill's Urban Mountain Experience

CopenHill is an avant-garde waste-to-energy plant with a recreational twist. Situated right in the heart of Copenhagen, its sloping rooftop has been transformed into an artificial ski slope, making skiing possible without a single snowflake in sight!

Book a ticket* and enjoy your skiing experience the whole year round!

Winter in Copenhagen, especially around Christmas, is an experience that combines the magic of snow-covered streets, the allure of historical sites, and the unmistakable joy of Danish festivities. Whether you’re wandering around the city’s landmarks, shopping at unique markets, or simply indulging in local delicacies, Copenhagen promises a winter escape that you’ll remember for years to come.

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I aim to be transparent and always ensure that all opinions expressed here are my own. Welcome to Denmark and enjoy Copenhagen! 🙂